Volunteer Opportunities!! Volunteers will get a letter of recommendation from us, we will sign volunteer hour sheets if you need it for school, and if you are super awesome, we will pay you in store credit: all because you are helping us out!

Things we are looking for:
-Video Game Tournament Organizers (Madden, Smash, COD, MarioKart, etc..)
-Trivia Night MC’s
-DM’s for D&D
-HeroClix Tournament Organizer
-Pokemon & YGO Tournament Organizer
-Warhammer 40k Rep’s/Gangers
-Netrunner Players/Tournament Organizers
-What else can YOU think of??

Come on by the store and leave your name and number so we can get something going! SEE YOU AT THE STORE!!!

Or e-mail us at eastcoastdealers@gmail.com

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