Exactly as it says. Games..... This place is huge. mostly Strategy games with a strong support with used video games. If you have an interest in games, go here, the guys who work there are very helpful and make the whole experience there great. See the Average time there on Google, I think it's 4+ hours, that should tell you something great about this place.

★★★★★ | dencom2

Great place. You can literally go there and play games. Im from Indiana and we definitely dont have a store like this. Have a nice variety of electronics and video games. Very friendly atmosphere. A customer bought our first purchase for my son. It was a nice surprise. Always good to see that there are still kind and generous people out there. Thank you for a wonderful experience!! #PayItForward

★★★★★ | Diane Williamson

Great small business on retro games that u cant find

★★★★★ | Peter Strauss

Great store, filled with fantastic people. Always a fun time down at East Coast Gamers

★★★★★ | Christopher Willson

Walter is very helpful and friendly and Mikey is cool and helpful too the repair guy knows his stuff when it comes to video games and console repairs very helpful and friendly best place around to go just to hangout or play any table top and card games also great place to meet a lot of cool and interesting people

★★★★★ | Michael McMahon

Bought a console and some controllers, everything was super clean and worked great

★★★★★ | J D

Very helpful and friendly place.

★★★★★ | Patrick Engroff

ESG is an amazing local game store that is focused on customer satisfaction and providing a sade location to play and buy games.

★★★★★ | Darian Collis

Awesome store with great staff. Great variety of games that has somerhing for everyone.

★★★★★ | Zachary Silva

Magic the Gathering. Warhammer. Dungeons & Dragon. Very friendly staff! The people that play there are very open and inviting!

★★★★★ | D3C31V35 #1730