Hello, You've Found Our Shop of Vintage and Modern Games

East Coast Gamers has been a local favorite since 2012

It's Sept. 10, 2012, and Toms River, NJ gamers have just gotten word of a brand-new gaming store opening in their community. Curious, many venture through the doors of East Coast Gamers to find an array of virtual and tabletop worlds at their fingertips. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and spacious environment for gamers of all ages. Visit us today to see why we're a beloved local gaming store.

Take home your favorite games

Take home your favorite games

Your favorite video games weren't lost in the sands of time - you can find them on our shelves. We've got all kinds of vintage and modern video games, consoles and trading and collectible card games.

We carry some of the most popular tabletop miniature games, too. Purchase your favorite so you and your friends can...

  • Battle for the future of Earth with Warhammer 40,000
  • Fight for the good of a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars X-Wing
  • Control an army of relentless warjacks with Warmachine or warbeasts with Hordes

Visit us today to see what we've got in stock. If you don't find your favorite game, we can order it for you. Just ask.